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Waltham Forest


What is CCTV

CCTV is an abbreviation for closed-circuit television, which is also referred to as video surveillance. CCTV allows you to monitor your property while you are away using a mobile app that is directly connected to your CCTV cameras.  CCTV is the perfect way to keep intruders away.

What is site set-up

A site set-up is the placement of small container buildings in a specific location to create an office and facilities for on-site staff. A site will also include containers for storing project materials. The site setup allows the contracts manager to work on-site and monitor the progress of all work. On large projects, site setup is required to provide staff with amenities such as a kitchen, restrooms, and an office for contract managers.


CCTV site set-up at specialist electrical

We collaborated with Morgan Sindall in Waltham Forest to instal CCTV around their sit setup. CCTV is critical at a site setup because many materials from various companies are kept in containers at the site overnight, allowing site managers to keep an eye on the stock at all times. Intruders will also be deterred by the CCTV.

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