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What are AICO upgrades and why are they important?

The smoke alarm systems we use and recommend at specialist electrical solutions are AICO alarms. Aico upgrades simply entail an engineer replacing the old smoke alarms in the home with new ones. Smoke alarms are critical because they could save your life one day. It is also critical to check your alarms on a regular basis to ensure they are in working order.

AICO upgraded in Stevenage

In Stevenage, we collaborated with Mullalley & Co Ltd to complete hundreds of AICO upgrades across multiple residential buildings. Our engineers replaced the existing smoke detectors in each flat in the building, and before leaving our engineer house-coded all of the AICO alarms throughout the flat. This means that if one alarm goes off, all other alarms in the resident's flat will go off as well. Before leaving, our engineers checked every single alarm in the flat to ensure that it was fully functional. We only leave when we are certain that the resident is protected by their AICO alarm.


What is a main refurbishment contract?

We have a main refurbishment contract with Mullally & Co Ltd; this is the contract that allows us to upgrade all of the electrics in the residential flats on which we have been permitted to work.

Main refurbishment contract within Stevenage

We have been granted permission to refurbish many residential buildings in Stevenage. Within each block, our engineers upgraded the door entry systems, and lighting systems throughout the building, AICO upgrades, and replaced any mains or sub-mains that needed to be replaced. We have completed these upgrades in many residential buildings and hope to complete work in more.


What are lighting upgrades?

Lighting upgrades are self-explanatory; our engineers remove the old lighting system within the building and replace it with a new lighting system. This includes both interior and exterior lighting, as well as emergency lighting.

Lighting upgrades within Stevenage 

Our engineers in Stevenage have finished upgrading lighting systems in communal areas and sheltered housing complexes. Our engineers installed the new lighting systems throughout the residential building before removing the old lighting system, ensuring that the residents are not left in the dark. Before leaving the site, our engineers tested the emergency lighting to ensure they were all in working order.

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