Stevenage Borough Council – Mulally & Co LTD​ & Wates

AICO Upgrades​

What are AICO Upgrades and why are they important?​

AICO's are the smoke alarm systems we use here at Specialist Electrical Solutions. AICO upgrades is when our engineer will take down a resident's old smoke alarm and replace it with a new AICO alarm. Before we leave the property, our engineer makes sure all AICO alarms are working properly by testing each individual alarm within the property. Our AICO upgrades are extremely important as we are replacing the old smoke alarms that may not even be working with highly reliable new ones. ​

AICO upgrades in Stevenage​

In Stevenage we have worked alongside Mullally & Co Ltd to complete hundreds of AICO upgrades within multiple different residential blocks. We have kept hundreds of residents of Stevenage feeling safe and secure within their property with our AICO upgrades. We are currently working on more residential blocks within Stevenage where AICO upgrades will be needed. ​

Main refurbishment contract​

What is a main refurbishment contract?​

With Mullally & Co Ltd we have a main refurbishment contract; this is the contract that allows us to upgrade all the electrics within the residential flats we have been allowed to work on. ​

Main refurbishment contract within Stevenage​

In Stevenage we have been allowed to refurbish multiple residential blocks. Within these blocks we have upgraded the door entry systems, all the lighting throughout the building, AICO upgrades and replaces any mains and sub-mains that needed replacing. We have completed all these upgrades in multiple residential blocks, and we aim to complete many more throughout Stevenage. ​

Sheltered housing lighting upgrades​

What is lighting upgrades?​

Lighting upgrades is simply an upgrade to the lighting fixtures within a property or area. Lighting upgrades are needed as its important to keep the lighting within an area up to standard. ​

Lighting upgrades in Stevenage​

In Stevenage we have completed upgrades of communal and emergency lighting within sheltered housing complexes, replacing the old lights with our high-quality replacements. To ensure we give the best possible service we test all lighting installs, including a visit back to make sure all lights are still up to standard.