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What is emergency lighting testing?

Emergency lighting testing is simply when an engineer will simply visit the property to ensure that all of the emergency lighting is still operational. To begin, the engineer attending the property will turn off all of the electrics within the building. When all power is out, the engineer will inspect each emergency light to ensure it is operational and does not require a battery replacement.

Emergency lighting testing at specialist electrical

As previously stated, when attending a site to test the emergency lighting, the engineer will turn off all power in the building via the main board. All emergency lighting fixtures in the building should remain turned on. Our engineer will then inspect each emergency lighting fixture to ensure that it is fully functional. If there is a problem with an emergency light, the engineer will inspect it and resolve the problem. The timing of the test is determined by the size of the building and the number of emergency lights installed.


What is an emergency lighting installation?

When a residential building's lighting system is upgraded, emergency lighting installation takes place. Our engineers instal emergency lighting fixtures around the block to ensure that residents can safely navigate to the nearest exit in the event of an emergency. Once all of the lighting is installed and connected, the old ones will be safely removed.

Emergency lighting installation at specialist electrical

Specialist Electrical Solutions partnered with Osborne Property Services to instal emergency lighting in many Slough residential buildings. During an emergency, our emergency lighting installations allow residents to navigate to the nearest exit.


What is an EICR?

An EICR test stands for an electrical installations condition report, and the purpose of this report is to identify any defect, damage, or conditions that could lead to a dangerous situation, such as an electrical fire. When it comes to an EICR test, there are numerous things to keep an eye out for. When an EICR is completed, the resident will be given an electrical certificate stating that the EICR was completed. An EICR is required every 5 years.

EICR tests at specialist electrical

We completed hundreds of EICR tests for residential buildings at specialist electrical solutions in collaboration with Osborne Property Services. When our engineer arrives at the property, they will inspect all of the electrical equipment in the house and use a tester to ensure that all of the electrics are in working order. When the EICR is finished, you will receive a code on the certificate, such as a C 1. Please see the EICR service page for more information on the codes for your EICR.


What is PAT testing?

PAT, or portable appliance testing, is the process of ensuring the safety of electrical appliances through visual inspections and electrical testing.

PAT testing at specialist electrical

At specialist electrical solutions we have completed PAT testing for residents within Slough. Our engineer attending the property tested all of the smaller electrical equipment within the building, such as plug sockets, to ensure there were no electrical issues such as a loose wire hiding behind a socket.

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