Slough Council – Osborne Property service

Emergency lighting testing​

What is emergency lighting testing?​

Emergency lighting testing is when an engineer comes to test that the batteries within the light last as long as they should and meet the legal requirements. If there are any failed batteries within a light must be replaced as quickly as possible. Our team will inform the site that they will be testing in advance.​

Emergency lighting testing at Specialist Electrical​

When testing emergency lighting our engineer that visits the site will turn off all the power within the building. All emergency lights should remain on, our engineer will then walk through the building making sure every emergency light is working fine. If an issue is found within the emergency lighting our team will be quick to fix the problem.​

Emergency lighting installs​

Emergency lighting installation is when our engineers will install lighting throughout the building and place emergency lighting fixtures throughout, to allow residents to navigate to the closest exit in the event of an emergency. ​

Emergency lighting installs at Specialist Electrical​

Here at Specialist Electrical we worked with Osborne property service to install emergency lighting systems within many residential blocks within Slough, keeping residents safe during an emergency. ​

Domestic and communal EICR testing​

What is an EICR test?​

An EICR test is an electrical installation condition report, this is to identify any damage, defects or any conditions which may rise to danger. There are multiple things to look out for when completing an EICR test. Once your EICR test is complete you will receive a certificate to state you have had this report complete, an EICR is due every 5 years. ​

Domestic and communal EICR tests at Specialist Electrical​

Here at Specialist electrical we have completed thousands of EICR tests for different councils. We worked alongside Osborne property service to complete hundreds of EICR tests within slough and we have been given over one thousand more to complete! When conducting a EICR our engineer will complete a thorough inspection of the property and if any issues are found within the property our engineer will replace this electrical appliance to get the property to pass the EICR. ​

PAT testing​

What is PAT testing?​

PAT, short for portable appliance testing is the process of checking the safety of electrical appliances though visual inspections and electrical testing.​

PAT Testing at Specialist Electrical​

Here at Specialist Electrical we have completed PAT testing throughout Slough for the residents. If any issues are found within the property our engineers were able to fix the issue.