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Site Set-Up


What is a site set-up?

Site set-up is the preparation of a construction site's 'base,' which is where the site managers will be stationed and able to complete work. This is where all materials will be stored, as well as facilities such as a lunchroom and toilets for on-site staff. This is usually found when a site is ready to be worked on for a long period of time.

Electrics for a site set-up

Getting the electrics set up correctly at a site setup is critical; having power on-site allows people to work on computers and ensures that all containers used for facilities on site have lighting. Since a site will require essential parts to complete work on-site, CCTV will typically be installed during the site set-up to look over the materials. A site that will be set up for an extended period of time will necessitate the use of electricity.


Site set-up at specialist electrical solutions

At specialist electrical solutions, we assist contractors in completing site set-ups by supplying electricity to the site, allowing site managers or any staff to use computers within the containers on site. We also supply the electricity to each container in order to provide lighting for the on-site staff. Our engineers can also set up a temporary CCTV system to keep the site safe from intruders.

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