Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR)

Fixed wire test, or Periodic Inspection Reports (PIR) as they used to be called, are a vital requirement in keeping your building safe.  When we assess the safety of the building or structure we look at the following items;

How old is your electrical installation?


Clear signs that can help us understand the age of equipment in the electrical installation in your property include:

The following, which stopped being installed in the 1960's


  • Cables coated in black rubber, surface clipped

  • Cables coated in lead or fabric, surface clipped

  • Fuse boxes with a wooden back and cast iron switches

  • Old round pin sockets, braided flex ceiling roses, or sockets mounted in skirting boards 

  • Light switches on the walls or in bathrooms 

Regardless of the age of the electrical installation, it may get damaged and may suffer from wear and tear from time to time, therefore you should get an electrician to check its condition periodically or when moving into new premises.

Objectives of an Electrical Installation Condition Report? (EICR)

The main objectives of an Electrical Installation Condition Report are to:

  • Record the results of the inspection and testing to ensure the electrical installation is safe to be used until the next inspection 

  • Find any wear and tear or deterioration to the system that might affect safety, and report it

  • Record any parts of the electrical installation that do not meet the latest IET Wiring Regulations

  • Find Potential issues that may cause electric shocks, fire risks, or danger to life.

  • Provide documentation for O&M Manuals and to compare future test results.


Domestic Electrical Condition Reports
Commercial Electrical Condition Reports
Industrial Electrical Condition Reports
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