Re-active Callouts

What is a reactive callout?​

A reactive callout is when a key piece of equipment breaks or has a fault within a home or business. The owner of the property will call the correct people to come and fix the issue straight away as it is important for their property or for a business to carry on standard operation. Reactive call outs depend on what the issue is, therefore if the issue is an emergency an engineer will be sent out instantly. 


Why is it important for us to be ready for reactive callouts?​

Here at Specialist Electrical Solutions our friendly office staff are always ready to take your call! We know how important it is to be ready for a reactive callout to help keep a business running smoothly. We are always at the ready for a reactive callout to make sure your home or business stays up and running. 

Reactive callouts at Specialist Electrical Solutions​

Our phones are available form 8am- 5pm Monday – Friday where our friendly office staff will be on the other end. Our team of engineers will be quick to the scene after receiving the call and will complete the job to perfection. Here at Specialist Electrical Solutions all our reactive callout customers have been over the moon with our quick and outstanding work.