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Reviving Warmth: Radiant Heating Upgrade at St. Bartholomew Church

Specialist Electrical Solutions has recently completed a remarkable project that has not only brought warmth but also modern energy-saving technology to St. Bartholomew Church in St Albans. Facing a frigid winter last year due to an underperforming electric underfloor heating system, the church turned to radiant heaters from BM Thermic. Let's delve into this transformative upgrade and explore the concept of radiant heating.

The Radiant Revolution: Exploring Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is an innovative approach to heating spaces, prioritizing energy efficiency and comfort. Instead of heating the air, radiant heaters emit infrared radiation, which directly warms surfaces and objects within a room. This method holds several key advantages:

  1. Efficiency - Radiant heating excels in energy efficiency as it reduces heat loss through air circulation. For a spacious and grand setting like St. Bartholomew Church, this translates to substantial energy savings.

  2. Uniform Comfort - Worshippers and visitors now experience consistent and enveloping warmth, akin to the gentle caress of sunlight on a crisp winter's day.

  3. Precision Control - The installation includes six time-controlled switching times, showcasing the adaptability of radiant heating. It can be finely tuned to match the church's specific heating needs, maximising energy conservation.

The Transformation Process

During this revitalisation project, several critical steps were taken to ensure the church's comfort and efficiency:

  • Fuseboard Upgrades and Contactor Installation - To manage the switching load effectively, the project involved upgrading fuse-boards and installing contactors. This enhanced control over the heating system's operation.

  • Seamless Integration - The team's craftsmanship shone as they installed high-level galvanised steel trunking, meticulously crafting the metalwork to seamlessly blend with the church's architectural beauty. This attention to detail not only ensured functionality but also preserved the church's aesthetic appeal.

Remote Control for Convenience

The final phase of this transformation involved setting up key stakeholders with Heatmiser, a cutting-edge control system. This advancement allows authorized individuals to manage the church's heating remotely, ensuring a warm and inviting environment even when no one is physically present.

In conclusion, the radiant heating upgrade at St. Bartholomew Church stands as a testament to the fusion of tradition and innovation. Specialist Electrical Solutions, in partnership with BM Thermic, has not only restored warmth but also ushered in energy efficiency and modern control. This project not only renews the church's physical comfort but also adds a touch of technological sophistication to its timeless charm.

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