Mains & Sub-mains

What are mains and sub-mains?​

Every property will have a mains board, this is where all the electrics within the property lead to. The mains board supplies electrical current throughout your home. Sub-mains are the cables and smaller switch or distributions boards that connect to the mains board. The smaller sub-mains is what makes up the mains board. 


What is the purpose of mains and sub-mains?​

The purpose of the mains and sub-mains is to keep an electrical current run throughout your property keeping the electricity on. To put it simply the mains and sub-mains are how your electricity stays on. 

Mains and sub-mains at Specialist Electrical Solutions​

Here at Specialist Electrical Solutions, we have worked with local councils to replace hundreds of mains and sub-mains within residential buildings that needed upgrading. We have also installed mains and sub-mains into the many houses we have re-wired. Our engineers leave the mains board tidy and neat so if there is any issue within the future there is easy access to the correct wiring.