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Mains & Sub-mains


What are electrical mains?

The electrical supply coming from a power station to the building you are in is referred to as the mains. The current flows in one direction before switching to the opposite direction; this occurs continuously and is referred to as alternating current.

What are electrical sub-mains?

A sub-main is a branch of smaller electrical currents from the main supply. This is the source of power for your electrical appliances. All sub-mains are connected to the mains supply.


What is the purpose of mains and sub-mains?

The purpose of mains and sub-mains is simply to keep your home or business powered up. If a fault occurs in the mains current, all of the electricity in your home will be turned off; this could be caused by a simple power outage. If a fault occurred within a sub-main, you would notice an electrical appliance not working properly or at all. If this is the case, you should contact a local electrician to inspect the problem.

Mains and sub-mains at specialist electrical

Specialist Electrical Solutions has worked with local councils to replace hundreds of mains and sub-mains in residential buildings that needed to be upgraded. We have also installed mains and sub-mains in the many houses we have rewired. Our engineers leave the mains board tidy and neat so that if an issue arises in the future, the correct wiring is easily accessible.

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