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Electrical installations 

Electrical installation is a broad term for this service; it can range from installing a small spotlight in your living room to rewiring your entire house. This is only a general description of the services listed, as well as any that we have left off our service page. Our team of trained engineers can complete the installation of any electrical system you want to put in your home. We complete both domestic and commercial projects at specialist electrical solutions.

Our electrical installations

A list of some of the electrical services and installations we provide that are not listed on our services page.

  • Interior and exterior lighting

  • Electrical sockets and switches

  • Bathroom fans

  • Ground wire installation

  • Security systems


Electrical installations at specialist electrical

We complete not only domestic but also commercial work at specialist electrical solutions, which means we have worked on buildings such as council flats and homes. We have worked with multiple councils in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas to complete thousands of electrical installations for residents, such as emergency lighting, containment, handsets, and door entry systems, and we have completed all of these installations for every single block of flats we have worked with. On the domestic front, we've done everything from rewiring new homes to responding to a simple call to inspect an electrical problem. We are proud to say that we are experts in our electrical services, which is why our customers are satisfied with our work.

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