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FRA Upgrades


FRA upgrades at specialist electrical

At specialist electrical solutions our engineer will visit your property to complete a thorough inspection of your home to identify any potential hazards within the property. If our engineers were to find any potential hazards within your home, they would upgrade the piece of equipment to keep the residents within the building safe. We have worked alongside Morgan Sindall to complete FRA upgrades within Camden. We completed the upgrades on multiple residential blocks keeping each block safe from any electrical-related fire.


What is an FRA and FRA upgrades?

An FRA, short for a fire risk assessment is a thorough examination of your property and the people within from a fire prevention standpoint. This assessment is completed to gain an understanding of the potential risks within the property. An FRA only occurs when a hazard is discovered in the property and that piece of equipment is upgraded so that it no longer poses a fire risk. The local government association recommends that an FRA should be carried out every four years.

What are the main components of an FRA?

The main components of an FRA are:

·       Identify any fire hazards within the property

·       Identify the people at risk

·       Evaluate, remove, or reduce the risk

·       Record the findings, prepare an emergency plan

·       Review and update assessments regularly


Why do you need to complete an FRA

A fire risk assessment is required by law. If you are in charge of a building, such as a landlord, homeowner, or employer, you must have a trained engineer complete a fire risk assessment. It is your responsibility to identify and address fire risks and hazards in your workplace. You must ensure that you review your risk assessment on a regular basis and whenever significant changes have occurred that could affect the assessment, such as having work done on your property.


Why choose us for your FRA

We have a highly rated and fully trained engineering team! As previously stated, we have also completed FRA upgrades within Camden. We finished multiple blocks by inspecting each and every room in each block. We will make recommendations to you to achieve satisfactory fire safety standards after completing a fire risk assessment. After completing the fire risk assessment, our office team will issue you a certificate stating that the assessment is complete.

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