Fire Risk Assessment Upgrades

What is an FRA and FRA upgrades?​

FRA stands for fire risk assessment; this is a careful look over your property and the people within from a fire prevention perspective. This is to gain an understanding about the potential risks within the property. An FRA upgrade is when a hazard is found within the property and the piece of equipment will be upgraded so the equipment is no longer a fire risk. It is recommended by the local government association that a fire risk assessment is to be taken every 4 years. The main components of a fire risk assessment are:​

  • Identify any fire hazards​

  • Identify people at risk​

  • Evaluate, remove or reduce the risk​

  • Record findings, prepare an emergency plan​

  • Review and update assessment regularly


Why are FRA upgrades important?​

FRA upgrades are extremely important to eliminate the risk of any electrical fires within your property. ​

FRA upgrades at Specialist Electrical​

Our team of engineers will upgrade any equipment that has been found to be seen as a hazard. We will upgrade the equipment to keep the residents safe. We have worked alongside Morgan Sindall to complete FRA upgrades within Camden.