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Fire Alarm Installations


Fire alarms are required in all types of buildings as they save lives! A fire alarm's sole function is to detect smoke; once smoke is detected, the fire alarms within the household will sound to alert the residents. When the alarms sound, the residents will be able to immediately evacuate the building. It is critical to keep your fire alarms operational. Regular maintenance of your alarm system will ensure that it operates normally. You can test the alarms yourself or hire an engineer to inspect all of the alarms in your home. You can test your alarm by consulting the user manual or searching online.

Since we understand the importance of fire alarms, we only install high-quality fire alarms at Specialist Electrical Solutions Ltd. We install the fantastic AICO range of smoke detectors. AICO offers a wide range of fire alarms, from simple smoke detectors to alarms that detect heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide. AICO alarms can be house coded, which means that all alarms in the resident's home are linked, so when one alarm sounds, all alarms in the resident's home will sound.


At Specialist Electrical Solutions Ltd, we have installed hundreds of AICO alarms in commercial work completed for various councils. When we finished the block upgrades, our office team scheduled an appointment for our engineer to come to the property and replace the fire alarms throughout the building. In addition, our engineers house coded the alarms throughout the property. Once the alarms were house coded, our engineer would test them to ensure they were properly configured by running them through an app.

We have also installed new AICO alarms in a number of domestic properties. Our installations ensure that residents are safe and at ease in the event of a fire. Every floor of a building is required to have a fire alarm installed. We also intend to complete many more installations.

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