Fire Alarm Installation

What is the purpose of a fire alarm?​

The purpose of a fire alarm is to detect smoke, the alarms will sound when the fire alarm does detect smoke. The alarms are programmed to be loud so everyone in the building or household is aware that there may be a fire within the building. This will allow them to quickly escape in the event of a fire. 

Why are fire alarms important?​

Fire alarms are extremely important in every single building. Every building must have multiple fire alarms throughout. A fire alarm will sound in the event of a fire allowing residents or the public to evacuate the building quickly. The law requires that a smoke alarm is fitted on every floor of a property.


Fire alarm installs at Specialist Electrical Solutions​

Our team has installed hundreds of AICO alarms for multiple different councils. Here at Specialist Electrical we use different type of AICO alarms ranging from a simple smoke detector to a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Our AICO installs have had residents feeling safe and secure for years.