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Fire Alarms


What is the purpose of a fire alarm?

Fire alarms save lives! The primary function of a fire alarm is to detect smoke; once smoke is detected, the fire alarms within the household will sound to alert the residents. The alarms are set to sound an audible warning to everyone in the building. A fire alarm allows residents to leave the building immediately. The fire alarm is the first line of defence against the threat of fire.

How to keep your alarms well maintained

It is critical to keep your fire alarms in good working order. Regular maintenance of your fire alarm system will ensure that it can perform its function. You can simply test the alarms yourself or have an engineer check that all of your alarms are working properly to maintain a fire alarm. You can test the alarm by consulting the user guide or conducting a simple online search. We recommend that you check your alarms on a regular basis to ensure that they are working properly and keeping you and your family safe.


Why are fire alarms important?

I presume it is common knowledge why fire alarms are so important, not only in the home but in every building. Every building must have multiple fire alarms installed throughout the property. According to the law, every floor of a building must have a fire alarm installed. As previously stated, fire alarms will sound in the event of a fire, allowing residents to quickly evacuate the building. A fire alarm allows for a quick response time because it sounds when smoke is detected within the building. This allows residents to quickly evacuate and contact the fire department.

Fire alarm installations at specialist electrical

We understand the importance of fire alarms and how they can save lives at specialist electrical solutions. This is why we only use the highest quality fire alarms, AICO. Our engineers are AICO alarm specialists! AICO offers a wide range of alarms, from simple smoke detectors to alarms that can detect carbon monoxide and heat. They also include many features, such as house coding, which connects all of the alarms to trigger at the same time if one is triggered. Our engineers have installed many AICO alarms in residential buildings for a variety of councils. With our AICO installations, we keep residents feeling safe and secure.

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