Fault Finding


What is fault finding?​

Fault finding is self-explanatory, this is when you have a fault within your electrics and our engineer will find the fault within the electric line and repair the fault. The engineer will not leave the property until the electrical fault is found within the property. It is important to find the fault ASAP as leaving the issue could lead to making the fault worse and may end up effecting other electrical appliances. 

Fault finding at Specialist Electrical Solutions​

Here at Specialist Electrical Solutions, we have completed fault finding for multiple homes that have found a fault within their electrics. When visiting to find a fault within the electrics we will first turn off the correct appliances on the mains board, our engineer will then test the line to find the whereabouts of the fault. ​

To read more on our latest fault-finding project visit 'fault finding' on the homepage!