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Fault Finding

On June the 14th 2022 we were called out to find a fault at this gorgeous home we had rewired. The fault was within the garden lights. Before starting this job, we diverted to the mains switched to turn off the correct electrics so our electrician, Matthew was not touching live wires. Once the mains switch was off Matthew took off the cover and unscrewed the switches plate. After detaching the wire for the garden lights from the switch Matthew connected an electrical tester to the wires. The readings showed that there was a clear fault with the garden lights as the number shown on screen was too low. 


After knowing there was a clear fault Matthew went around the garden checking the positions of each light, this helped him understand where the junction boxes would be located. Once Matthew located the junction boxes he found the middle box, after opening up this junction box Matthew split the circuit to understand which side of the garden the fault was coming from. After splitting the circuit Matthew used the electrical tester to find out which side the low reading was coming from. 

Once Matthew found out which side of the garden was showing the low reading, he turned his attention towards that side. He found the junction box after the middle one, once he had opened this up, he used his electrical tester to check if it was the light connected to that had the fault, he done this for the next two junction boxes. After narrowing it down we got to the last junction box where the reading was still low Matthew found the final light had water inside. Matthew then proceeded to disconnect this light from the circuit and do the electrical test again, this time the reading was good showing that the final light with water was in fact the fault. 


Once disconnecting the light Matthew replaced everything back to how it was, except from the faulty light which was left out of the ground so when our team comes to replace the light, they can easily identify which light needed replacing. Before putting the switch bracket back together Matthew once more used his electrical tester to make sure the garden lights were now showing a good reading. The electrical test showed a good reading meaning that was the only fault within the circuit. After putting the switch bracken back on the wall and turning the mains switch back on, Mathew first made sure the switch was working properly and that all the garden lights were coming on as normal. This was a successful fault find and our team will replace the faulty light.  

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