EV Installations

What is an EV charger?​

An electric vehicle charger is a piece of equipment that supplies power for electric vehicles. Its job is to recharge the battery to keep the vehicle in motion. An EV charger pulls an electric current from an outlet or the grid its hardwired to and delivers that electricity to the vehicle, it is exactly like plugging your phone into charge!


Why Electric?​

Electric is the way of the future! Electric vehicles produce zero emissions when they're running. The government want everyone to turn electric to help the fight against global warming. Electric cars are easy to charge right on your driveway. You can also benefit from turning electric, you won't pay any road tax! 

Electric vehicle chargers at Specialist Electrical​

Here at Specialist Electrical Solutions, we have started creeping into the EV charging industry. We have installed a few EV chargers so far and have sent engineers on courses to build our knowledge and understanding. We here at Specialist Electrical install Zappi car chargers unless a special charger is required for your vehicle. We aim to install many more EV chargers.