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Electric Vehicle Unit Installation


We at specialist electrical solutions believe that electric vehicles are the way of the future! To work towards carbon-free transportation, the UK government has pledged to phase out the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 3030. Why not make the switch now? We believe that as the time approaches, the demand for electric car chargers will skyrocket. There is a wide variety of EV chargers available, as well as different phases, which determine how quickly the unit charges the car. The quickest chagrining unit is a three-phase chagrining unit. A charger with a single-phase unit is the slowest; the price of the unit is also determined by this.

Due to moving, this lovely customer requested that an EV charger be installed at the front of their home for their electric vehicle. Before we could even quote the job, we needed to figure out which EV charging unit they wanted installed in front of their house. The customer chose our recommended EV charging unit, the incredible Zappi charger. Once the customer had decided on a unit, we dispatched an engineer to conduct a "site survey" to determine where the client wanted the EV charging unit installed and how we would run the cables to power the unit. The engineer will also conduct an audit, which will show what was inspected and what will need to be completed during the unit installation.


Following the completion of the visit to the customer's home, our office team prepared a quote to be sent to the customer. Our quotes always explain what the customer is paying for! Our engineers were able to install the Zappi car charging unit within 48 hours after the customer accepted the quote. The engineers turned on the EV charging unit and tested it by plugging the lead into the electric vehicle. This customer was pleased with their Zappi charger.

We understand that as more people buy electric cars, businesses will need to cater to their employees' needs, which is why we offer EV charging unit installations not only at home but also in offices. There are numerous EV charging units available, giving the customer or business a variety of options. Many businesses are now installing EV charging stations to encourage their employees to go electric.

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