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What are main refurbishments?

Our engineers upgrade the equipment throughout a residential building during major refurbishments. The main refurbishments in this case included lighting, door entry system upgrades, and other improvements for multiple residential buildings throughout Enfield. Residents can feel safe and secure in their homes thanks to the upgraded equipment.

Main refurbishments within Enfield

Our engineers were able to complete the upgrade of many residential buildings' lighting systems, door entry systems, handsets, and smoke alarms in Enfield. For the lighting, our engineers would instal a new lighting system throughout the building that was connected by conduit to keep the wiring hidden. Once the new lighting was installed, the old lighting was carefully removed. This included strategically placing emergency lighting to allow residents of that building to safely exit in the event of an emergency. The conduit is installed to connect the lighting and prevent vandalism to the building's wiring.


Main refurbishments within Enfield

Each block has a door entry system that needed to be upgraded with a new door entry panel. The new panel has the standard dial system, speaker, and key fob. To gain access to the building, each resident will be given a key fob. By scheduling an appointment with our office team, our engineers installed a handset in each flat in the building. Our engineers also upgraded the smoke alarms in each flat in the building, house-coding the alarms to ensure they all sounded at the same time.

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