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Emergency Lighting


We collaborated with Mullaly & Co in Stevenage Borough to complete emergency lighting installations in multiple residential buildings. An engineer will visit the property and video the building before beginning the installation so that our team can plan the containment and wiring route to the mains board from each flat within. Emergency lighting is critical because it allows residents to navigate to the nearest exit in the event of an emergency. The emergency lighting will also help first responders navigate the building.

We upgraded the lighting system throughout each residential building. While upgrading the building's lighting system, our engineers will strategically place emergency lighting fixtures throughout the structure to allow residents to safely exit the building in the event of an emergency. To provide an aesthetic finish, our engineers will install containment to connect all emergency lighting. We will also install emergency lighting on the building's exterior where there is little to no street lighting. Residents will notice a difference in the lighting fixtures because the emergency lighting fixture will have a small green LED to indicate it is an emergency light.


Our projects in Stevenage were successful because the council was extremely pleased with our emergency lighting installations and our overall work in Stevenage. We completed emergency lighting installations in many Stevenage residential buildings and are currently working on more installations for the council. We look forward to working with Mullaly & Co. on many more projects in Stevenage.

Did you know that emergency lighting is a legal requirement in both private and public buildings? This allows residents or the general public to exit the building in a timely and orderly manner via the nearest exit. The emergency lighting is powered by a backup battery built into the unit. When the power in the building goes out, this backup battery will provide power to the lighting fixtures. We not only install emergency lighting fixtures, but we also test the lighting fixtures within the building.

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