Emergency Lighting


In Stevenage we worked with Mulalley & Co and completed an emergency lighting installation within a residential flat block. Before each project we take a video of the building so the electricians know what they will be working with when they show up to the job so the electrician can plan where the conduit can run from light to light.  

In this residential flat block, our amazing team installed 20+ brand new lights including the emergency lighting. Our emergency lighting install runs through all the blocks hallways, the basement and also around the outside of the flat block. Our emergency lights mean this residential block will be able to find their way to the exit in the event of an emergency. We used conduit throughout the block to hide the wiring and make the block look more aesthetically pleasing. Residents are able to tell which lights are used for emergency lighting as they have a green dot glowing in the corner of the light. 


This project was a success and the council were happy with our work. This is only one of many residential blocks we have installed emergency lighting for and we aim to install emergency lighting in many more.