Electrical Testing

Here at Specialist Electrical Solutions, we offer an electrical installations conditions report (EICR). An electrical installations condition report is a report carried out to assess the safety of existing electrical installations within a property and describes its condition. 


The main objectives of an Electrical Installation Condition Report are to:  

• Record the results of the inspection and testing to ensure the electrical installation is safe to be used until the next inspection  

• Find any wear and tear or deterioration to the system that might affect safety, and report it  

• Record any parts of the electrical installation that do not meet the latest IET Wiring Regulations  

• Find Potential issues that may cause electric shocks, fire risks, or danger to life.  

• Provide documentation for O&M Manuals and to compare future test results. 

It is recommended that you get an electrical installations condition report done every 5 years.


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