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Electrical Installation Conditions Report

Did you know an EICR test is required every 5 years! You should be given a document every time your EICR is completed, this allows you to know when your next one is needed. 


In slough we have been given over 1000 homes to complete an EICR test for, yes 1000! 

The main objectives of an Electrical Installation Condition Report are to:  

• Record the results of the inspection and testing to ensure the electrical installation is safe to be used until the next inspection  

• Find any wear and tear or deterioration to the system that might affect safety, and report it  

• Record any parts of the electrical installation that do not meet the latest IET Wiring Regulations  

• Find Potential issues that may cause electric shocks, fire risks, or danger to life.  

• Provide documentation for O&M Manuals and to compare future test results. 

Here at specialist electrical our engineers enter the property and test every piece of electrical equipment such as plug sockets and lights. If our engineer finds a problem within the property they will replace the issue so the property can pass the EICR testing. The engineer then fills out and hands the client an EICR certification. We have completed thousands of EICR tests so far and we hope to complete thousand more!


See why local councils choose us for EICR tests, book Yours today!

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