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Electrical Installation Conditions Report


Did you know that an electrical installation conditions report is required every 5 years? When an EICR is completed, you will receive a certificate from the electrical contractor, which will include a code indicating the state of the electrics in your home. You can invalidate your home insurance if you don't have an EICR certificate, so make sure it's up to date. You will be able to tell when your next EICR is due since the certificate will include a date. At specialist electrical, we completed over 1000 EICRs in domestic and commercial housing in 2022.

The main objectives of an electrical installation conditions report are to:

  • Record the findings from the inspection and testing to ensure the electrical installation is safe to be used until the next inspection.

  • Find any wear and tear or deterioration to the electrical system that may affect the safety of the residents and report it.

  • Record any parts of the installation that do not meet the IET wiring regulations

  • Find a potential issue that may cause electric shock, fire risks, or danger to life

  • Provide documentation for O&M Manuals and to compare future test results. 


Our engineers at Specialist Electrical Solutions enter the property and test the electrical equipment. If our engineer discovers a problem on the property, they will notify the residents, and the action they take will be determined by the code on the EICR certificate. To learn more about EICR codes and what they mean for you, please visit services - EICR's. When the EICR is finished, the job audit will be sent to our office team, who will complete your EICR certificate and deliver it to you. We take pride in ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

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