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Door Entry System

What is a door entry system

A control system is another term for a door entry system. This is a building access solution that is installed at the building's entrance and is primarily intended to control access to and from restricted areas in residential and commercial settings. There are various types of door entry panels available, all of which perform the same function of controlling access. Door entry systems will be installed at the entrances to every block of flats, as well as in offices and other public places. The type of panel you have installed will determine how you enter the building.

Types of panels that are commonly used

There are numerous types of door entry system panels available for the purpose of gaining access to a building. A panel with only a dial and a speaker is an example of a commonly used panel; the dial can be used to enter a code to gain access, or you can dial the flat number and speak to the resident, who will then be able to give you access through their handset. Another common panel is a key-fob panel, which can be slightly larger than the previous panel but still includes the speaker and dial. This panel also includes a fob system, which allows residents to present their key fob to the panel and gain access to the building.


Why is a door entry system so important?

A door entry system is critical because it allows for safe and secure access to the building. A door entry panel is extremely important in residential areas because it prevents anyone from entering and possibly vandalising the hallways or worse! A door entry system will only open with a code or when a key fob is used, which will only be provided to building residents. The resident can also grant you access to the building via their handset, which is located near their front door.

What exactly is a handset?

A handset is a phone unit that is mounted on the wall of a resident's flat, usually near the front door. Residents can use this phone to receive a call from anyone who has buzzed their flat in an attempt to gain access to the building. On the panel of the handset, there will be a button that, when pressed, will allow access to the person who buzzed. Every household in the flat will be required to have a handset installed.


Door entry systems at specialist electrical solutions

With our reliable door entry installations, we contribute to residents' feelings of safety and security in the comfort of their own homes. We have collaborated with companies such as Mullally & Co to complete installations for many residential blocks in Stevenage and Enfield. Once a door entry system has been installed, we will schedule an appointment with each resident to complete the handset installation. Our Stevenage project is still in progress, and we hope to instal more door entry systems in Stevenage and the surrounding areas.

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