Door Entry System's

What is a door entry system?

A door entry system can also be referred to as a control system. Its Primary design is to control access to and from restricted areas within residential and commercial environments. The main location you will find door entry systems would be on residential flat block entrances. To gain access through a door entry system you will be provided with a 'key fob' which will allow you to gain access into the building/ area. 


Why is a door entry system important?

A door entry system is important as it provides safe and secure access into buildings. A door entry system will only open to a 'key fob' that only the residents of the flat will be provided with or by a resident by the handset found at the residents front door. 

What is a handset?

A handset is the phone that can be located at the front door of a residents flat. This phone allows the residents to receive a call from someone who has buzzed on the door entry panel. On the handset the resident will have the option to allow access to the person which buzzed into the building. 

Door entry systems at Specialist Electrical Solutions

Here at Specialist Electrical Solutions we keep residents feeling safe and secure with our reliable door entry installations. We have worked along side Mullalley & Co to install many door entry systems for:

  • Stevenage

  • Enfield

We aim to install hundreds more door entry systems for stevenage and enfield, along with starting to install door entry systems for other councils.