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Door Entry System

Specialist electrical solutions has installed new NEON door entry systems in Stevenage Borough and Enfield. A door entry system consists of several components. The first is the main door entry panel, which allows residents to gain access into the building at the main entrance by using a key fob located on the main panel or dialling your flat number. Visitors can dial your flat number through the dial on the panel, and you will be able to talk and give the visitor access through the handset in the flat. The handset, which resembles a phone, can be found by the front door of each flat in the building. As previously stated, before the handset allows you to communicate with and grant visitors access to the building.

 The main board is next, which is where all of the door entry system's components connect in order for the system to function. Every door entry system requires an ariel to function. This will be installed close to the building's roof. Every building will also have a push to exit button, which, when pressed, will unlock the door. These are always found on the interior of the building, next to the door. In some cases, a key fob panel will be found rather than the main door entry panel; this will be found at the door of the building's back or side entrances. To unlock the door and gain access, the resident will simply hold the fob up to the panel.


All of this was installed by our engineering team in many residential buildings throughout Stevenage and Enfield. We will not activate the door entry system while the installation is being completed, so residents will still be able to enter and exit the building. For the handsets, our office staff would schedule an appointment with the resident for our engineer to come to their home and install them. Residents were given key fobs to gain access once the door entry system was installed.

We at specialist electrical solutions enjoyed collaborating with Mullaly & Co to complete the installation of numerous door entry systems throughout Stevenage and Enfield. We are proud of our installations because we understand how important it is for residents to feel safe in their own home. We are currently working on many more residential buildings in Stevenage where a new updated door entry system will be installed.

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