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Data Works


What are data works?

Data work is completed cabling work that can provide WIFI, cable television, phones, and connect computers and other electronic devices to a network. Data cabling is what connects your home or business! Keeping your data cabling secure is essential for an office-based business; if the data becomes overloaded and fails or the electrics trip, the company will begin to lose money and no one will be able to work.

Data works at specialist electrical solutions

We responded to a call to the TripAdvisor offices in London at specialist electrical solutions. The data cabling in the offices had caught fire, destroying the large database. Our engineers responded to the scene and re-wired their new data base, ensuring that it was not overloaded with cabling and that this would not happen again. We left the site with a satisfied customer, and the staff could resume their normal duties.

Electric Cables

Data works at specialist electrical solutions

If you have recently moved into a new office and require data cabling and a data base to be installed, our skilled engineers can complete this installation. To avoid an electrical fire, our engineers instal the data cabling and ensure that the database is not overloaded.

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