Here at Specialist Electrical Solutions, we use containment to make our wiring look aesthetically pleasing rather than having wires dangling that can easily be damaged. Here at SES our main type of containment we use is conduit.  


Conduit is lengths of robust tube made from steel used to protect and guide electrical wiring around different areas or rooms. 

We have used conduit across all residential blocks we have upgraded. We have used conduit to connect all the lighting throughout and outside of all of our residential blocks. We have completed many projects using conduit. This is a great way to hide wiring as it makes cable management easy and also makes the project look complete and more aesthetically pleasing. 

Using conduit shows how much we care about getting the job done right. Other electrical companies will just pin the wires into the top corners of the walls whereas we here at SES take pride in our work and give you the best service.  

Our team will cut the conduit to the correct length and bend the conduit well around corners leaving an aesthetic look in the residential buildings we have installed lighting within. Our electricians make sure they get the precise cut in the conduit so it is one smooth pole rather than having multiple connections making the conduit look messy.