What is containment? ​

Containment is an important part of installing electrical infrastructure, to provide easy maintenance access and to make installations neat and aesthetic. The purpose of containment is to support cables to make cable management easier. There are multiple types of containment that can be used for wiring. The two main types of containment we use are conduit and trunking. 



Electrical conduit is a tube in which wires are fed trough. Conduit protects the wires within the metal tube as well as any individuals that may come into close contact with the wires. ​


Cable trunking is a protective routing and covering system for electrical cables and wiring to prevent accidental damage. Trunking is installed onto a wall or surface as a way of hiding wiring from view. ​

Containment at Specialist Electrical Solutions​

Here at Specialist Electrical Solutions our engineers have installed containment on many residential blocks where we have installed emergency lighting. We make sure we leave every job looking perfect with no loose wiring and straight conduit using a rotary laser.