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What is Containment?

Containment is a hollow metal or plastic casing through which wires pass. The purpose of containment is to protect wires in exposed areas such as the exterior of a building or hallways in residential areas. Cable management is simplified thanks to containment. Engineers can leave a job looking neat and aesthetic as there are no dangling wires that can be vandalised. The most common type of containment used in a home is a simple plastic containment to hide all of the messy wires; this type of containment is discreet and can also be painted over to match the aesthetic of your home. For commercial projects, we mostly use metal containment such as conduit and trunking.


Conduit is a metal tube that wires run through during installation. Although plastic conduit can be found in homes, we prefer to use metal conduit because it is more reliable and trustworthy in the commercial work we do. This type of containment allows a handful of wires to pass through while still keeping the job looking neat. The containment is a simple way to protect the wiring from vandalism or individuals who may come into contact with it.



Cable trunking is a rectangular metal or plastic enclosure. Trunking is significantly larger than conduit, allowing for more wires to pass through. Trunking also allows for simple cable management, and you can easily access the wires by removing the trunking lid to address any problems that may arise. Trunking keeps wiring neat and concealed in public areas. This means that no one will be able to vandalise any dangling wires and no one will be harmed if they come into contact with them.

Containment at specialist electrical solutions

We have completed and continue to complete many commercial jobs for local councils at specialist electrical solutions. We use containment throughout the hallways of each block since our commercial work is wiring for flat blocks. This results in a neat and attractive job finish. Because of the containment, no one will have easy access to the wiring throughout the building. Containment is the best possible solution for loose wiring.

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