CCTV Installation

Here at specialist electrical solutions installed Hikvision CCTV for this wonderful home. We first established where the owners of the home would like the cameras to be placed. The owners decided that they wanted 2 cameras on the front of the house looking over the front garden. They also had 1 looking down the side walk of their home and finnaly one at the back of the house looking over their garden.

The CCTV was placed on the bottom of the overhang from the roof so the cameras were positioned to look over the front and back garden. The first thing that our engineers done was drill a small hole to feed the wire through. Next they screwed on the base of the CCTV. 


Once the base was installed the engineer connected the CCTV camera up to the wire. They finally pushed the wiring back through the hole until the CCTV reached the base, where our engineer screwed the Camera to the base. Before leaving our engineers turned on the CCTV cameras and made sure everything was working properly before leaving the site with another happy customer.