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What is CCTV

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television, and it is also referred to as video surveillance. The purpose of CCTV is to allow you to monitor your home or business while you are away by using a mobile app that connects directly to your CCTV cameras. CCTV also provides you with video evidence in the event of an incident, such as an intruder on your property. Video surveillance is also used in public places like a city or town centre to keep an eye on the general public and to prevent crime. In order to tackle crime, law enforcement heavily relies on CCTV. You can find CCTV in many places nowadays with the introduction of ring doorbell cameras allowing you to see who is at your door through a mobile app.

Why is CCTV important?

In recent years, video surveillance has grown in importance. CCTV is critical for keeping intruders out of your home or business. CCTV also enables you to collect evidence for ongoing cases or insurance claims. The main purpose of CCTV is to prevent or detect crime; even if you believe you will never need it, it may come in handy one day. CCTV technology has advanced to the point where it can detect and recognise regular visitors and associate their faces with their names. Many countries have now installed CCTV in public areas to aid in the prevention of crime and, in some cases, terrorism.


CCTV in the workplace

CCTV surveillance in the workplace is not uncommon. Using video surveillance in your workplace can help to protect your company internally. It will keep your employees honest because you will be able to track all their activities. CCTV in the workplace reduces the likelihood of workplace theft and bullying. Employees who are aware that they are being watched will remain honest and follow company policies. Video surveillance in the workplace will provide security as well as aid in identifying intruders.

What are some benefits of CCTV

If you need to hear more benefits than those mentioned, here is a list of just a few of the many advantages of CCTV systems.

·      As previously stated, CCTV allows law enforcement to identify criminals using cameras. Police can use video surveillance to not only prevent crime but also solve cases quickly.

·      CCTV helps to protect your property against theft and vandalism. It is extremely difficult to get away with theft when cameras are filming you.

·      If no one is aware that a crime has been committed until after it has been committed, CCTV footage will be critical evidence.

·      The advancement of facial recognition software allows for more accurate reporting.

·      Criminals are extremely unlikely to commit a crime in an area where they are aware that they are being filmed by CCTV.

These are just a few of the numerous advantages of video surveillance. If you do not already have CCTV installed, we strongly advise you to do so.


CCTV systems at specialist electrical solutions

At specialist electrical solutions we can install CCTV throughout your property, this can range from your home to a public building or even a school. If you have already bought a CCTV system, our engineers will be able to install this system in your preferred location. If you were to acquire the CCTV system through specialist electrical, we use high-quality Hikvision cameras, there are many features to this camera which is why we suggest this CCTV system. All our operatives are trained to design, install and commission all video surveillance cameras. A project completed at specialist electrical solutions is working alongside Morgan Sindall to install CCTV within Camden and Waltham Forest. We have also completed many domestic installations of CCTV systems.

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