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What is an FRA and FRA upgrade?

A fire risk assessment is abbreviated as a FRA. This is a thorough examination of a resident's property and the people within from the standpoint of fire prevention. Our engineers will gain an understanding of the potential risks within the property through a visual inspection. An FRA is initiated when a potential risk is discovered on a property. An FRA consists of upgrading the property's equipment so that it no longer poses a fire risk to the residents. The local government association recommends that a fire risk assessment be performed every four years.

The main components of an FRA

  • Identify any potential hazards In the property

  • Identify the people at risk

  • Evaluate, remove, or reduce the risk

  • Record the findings and prepare an emergency plan

  • Review and update the assessment regularly


FRA upgrades at specialist electrical

We at specialist electrical solutions collaborated with Morgan Sindall to complete fire risk assessment upgrades in Camden residential buildings. Our engineering team conducted a FRA to identify any potential fire hazards throughout the property. After the FRA was completed, our engineers upgraded the equipment throughout the residential block. The upgrades included installing new smoke detectors, sockets, and other fixtures throughout the properties. Our FRA upgrades keep residents safe from electrical fire hazards.

What is emergency lighting?

Emergency lighting installation is when our engineers with strategically place emergency lighting fixtures throughout a building to allow residents to evacuate the building in the event of an emergency. During a power outage, emergency lighting units keep the lights on with a backup battery.


Emergency lighting at specialist electrical

Specialist Electrical Solutions collaborated with Morgan Sindall to instal emergency lighting fixtures in many Camden residential blocks. Our engineers installed emergency lighting throughout the building when completing the lighting upgrades. Our engineers placed emergency lighting fixtures throughout residential buildings to allow the residents to navigate to the closest exit in the event of an emergency. Our emergency lighting installations also allow first responders to navigate the building.

What is CCTV

CCTV stands for closed circuit television and is also commonly known as video surveillance. CCTV allows you to keep an eye on your home or business while you are away through a mobile app that connects straight to your CCTV cameras.


CCTV at specialist electrical

We collaborated with Morgan Sindall at specialist electrical solutions to instal CCTV around some sites. Our engineers installed high-quality CCTV systems at a number of Camden locations. After installing the CCTV, our engineers connected the CCTV cameras to the monitors to capture real-time images.

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