Camden Council – Morgan Sindal

FRA Upgrades​

In Camden we worked with Morgan Sindal to complete fire risk assessment upgrades in multiple residential blocks. Our team completed many upgrades to pass the fire risk assessment requirements. We take pride in the upgrades we installed to keep the residents feeling safe and secure and surpass the fire risk assessment.​

Emergency Lighting Installs​

In Camden our amazing team worked with Morgan Sindal to install emergency lighting systems within multiple residential blocks. Once our team has completed the install and checked they are working well, they will visit every so often to make sure the emergency lighting is still working well and fix any issues if any occur. ​

CCTV Systems​

In Camden we worked with Morgan Sindal to install CCTV systems around some of their sites. Our team installed high quality CCTV cameras across multiple locations. Before installing the CCTV system, we had to inspect the locations that required the CCTV and made sure the location was suitable, such as the direction of the camera etc. After installing the CCTV system our team made sure each camera was working properly. We also made sure the CCTV system was connected to the customers phone or device and made sure they were happy with the setup of their CCTV system. ​

If its electrical – we are the solution!