Christmas Lighting Installations

We install your Christmas lighting, so you don't have to!

Icicle Lighting

Icicle lighting is one of the most popular Christmas lights every year. Icicle lights are available in a variety of colours and are designed to dazzle and spread holiday cheer. These holiday lights can be strung along the top of your house or wrapped around a tree; the possibilities are endless.

Fairy Lighting

If you want to brighten up your Christmas tree or add some ambience to your home, our battery-powered Christmas fairy lights are a must-have. Fairy lights are a Christmas classic and come in a variety of colours.

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Net Lighting - Warm White.png

Net Lighting

Christmas net lighting looks great draped over hedgerows, bushes, and shrubs. Net lighting not only looks great on the outside of your home, but it would also look fantastic in your window!

Stake Lighting

Light stakes are ideal for lining your driveway and path. Our stake lights are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from candy canes to small artificial trees. Our collection of holiday stake lights will guide you to your grotto.

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Projector Lighting

This small Christmas projector light is installed in front of your home and uses white and warm white LEDs to create a snowfall effect. The size of the snowfall on your wall is determined by the distance between your home and the projector; the greater the distance, the larger the snowfall.

Figure Lighting

Figure lighting is an excellent way to distinguish yourself from your neighbours this holiday season. This year, be the house that spreads Christmas cheer to all who pass by.

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